Improve your comfort and health

Nextroom Air monitors the air in your room. By measuring air quality, temperature, and humidity, you can maintain a healthy living environment.

Air Quality

Measurement of volitile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are invisible hydrocarbons such as ethanol, paint thinner, cigarette smoke, and many other airborn pollutants that may cause repiratory irritation, allergic skin reactions, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness.


Monitor your local room temperature for comfort. Available in Farenheit and Celsius.


A higher relative humidity can reduce your heat bill, reduce static electricity and most importantly, keep your skin healthy.

Control fans, humidifiers, lights, and more

Nextroom Air securely integrates with your Apple HomeKit network to automatically turn devices on and off to maintain your comfort zone. Touch the surface of the Nextroom Air to manually turn a HomeKit scene on or off.

Looks great in any room

Easily mount the super-thin Nextroom Air on any wall. There are no wires to run and hide, allowing you to mount it anywhere. Choose from multiple designs to match your decor.

Peace of mind with remote access and notifications

View real-time status when you are away (requires home iPad or Apple TV) and receive notifications. Great for monitoring a vacation home. Nextroom Air also logs several weeks of data so you can gain insights into the health of your room.

Smart and eco-friendly design

Nextroom Air was designed for easy recycling with a reduced plastic content and is UL certified fire safe. And it utilizes stable, replaceable batteries that last at least a year of normal operation.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

Designed in Chicago and Toronto. Manufactured in Illinois, USA.

Nextroom Team

Professional. Proven. Quality.

We're an experienced team that pioneered the wireless flash drive and has sold over 1,000,000 devices under the SanDisk and AirStash brands. The team brings its artisanship to low power, well-engineered wireless systems and depth of knowledge in manufacturing.